We are still shipping and delivering locally. Thank you for your support!


When will I get my order??

We ship in 3-5 business days.


My products look different sometimes. The color varies, that cool?

Yes! Color variations are caused by the type of beeswax sourced for each batch.


I have some armpit discoloration. Is this normal?

Totally. Some discoloration may be from the detox process. A build-up of shea butter and beeswax will often loofah off quickly too, to remove discoloration.


My armpits feel sensitive after using The Pits, normal?

If you’re having redness and irritation, it could be a baking soda sensitivity. You may need to take a break or use a smaller amount.


Sometimes The Pits works and sometimes it doesn’t. What gives?

Our bodies actually sweat differently! Normal everyday sweat is made up of mostly water, small amounts of ammonia, urea, salts and sugars. On it’s own sweat does not smell. The bacteria produced in warm moist areas causes the funky odor.

Stress sweat is entirely separate beast. It contains lipids (fat) that feed quickly feed the bacteria, allowing it to grow rapidly and smell more pungent.


Where do I apply The Mood? And how quickly will it work.

We suggest inner thigh. Some feel an immediate boost in libido and for some it takes a few days. Keep applying!


Is The Pits strong enough for men?

For sure! It’s strong enough for men, women and teenagers.


Where’s the best place to apply The Rest?

Children- feet, tops of hands and back of neck.

Adults- all over! Wrist, tops of hands, back of neck and forehead. Liberally apply often.


My toddler ate The Lips...what now?

She’ll be fine. May have a few loose poops, but completely safe.